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Travel and Dialysis

ti-travelCan I travel on dialysis?

  • Yes! Travel is an option for dialysis patients and is encouraged when you are medically stable.
  •  Traveling on dialysis may take more preparation and planning, but with the assistance of your travel coordinator you can continue vacationing.
  •  You can travel throughout the United States, as well as in different countries.

How do I make travel plans for dialysis?

  •  Contact your social worker or the American Renal Travel Department at 1-855-556-6556 in advance, we recommend 3-4 weeks before your trip.
  •  Keep in mind that popular vacation spots or times of the year may require more notice to assure clinic availability.
  •  Provide your travel coordinator with your travel destination, dates, a local address and phone number as well as preferred days/time for your dialysis.
  •  You may need to be flexible with treatment days/times and clinic location depending on availability.
  •  Your travel coordinator will make sure medical records get sent and approval is obtained prior to your departure.

Will my insurance pay for dialysis while I travel?

  • Your travel coordinator will make an effort to arrange treatment at a facility that accepts your insurance
  •  If you wish to travel outside of the United States, you may be financially responsible for your treatments, as your insurance may not cover you. Your travel coordinator will work to provide you with the out-of-pocket cost before you leave on your trip.
  •  The travel coordinator can further work with you to explain any limitations your insurance coverage may have in your ability to travel

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